The First International Workshop on Spaceborne Cloud Profiling Radar

January 24-26, 2000, Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan
Organized/sponsored by
- Communications Research Laboratoty, Japan
- GKSS Research Center, Germany
- Laser Radar Sub-group; Cloud Profiling Radar Sub-group; under ATMOS-B1 Team/ESTO(Earth Science and Technology Organization), Japan
Science and Technology Agency, Japan

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Summary of the First International Workshop on Spaceborne Cloud Profiling Radar
H. Kumagai, E. Raschke, S. Y. Matrosov, J. Testud, T. P. Ackerman, H. Aydin, Y. Sasano, G. L. Stephens, and A. Illingworth PDF file


Key Note Speeches

Do we need a cloud profiling radar in space?
E. Rashke and M. Quanye PDF file

On the science of a space-borne cloud radar
G. L. Stephens PDF file

The use of ground-based cloud radar for continuous cloud observations
T. P. Ackerman, R. T. Marchand, E. E. Clothiaux and M. Sengupta PDF file

Models and Simulations

Modeling of clouds and aerosols toward long-range forecasts of Asian summer monsoon
T. Iwasaki and H. Kitagawa PDF file

Suggestion from analysis of TRMM
Y. N. Takayabu PDF file

Numerical simulation of a cirrus cloud and its detectability by a cloud radar
K. Maruyama, L. Levkov and Y. Fujiyoshi PDF file

Impact of rain assimilation on the ECMWF analysis and forecast
V. Marecal and J.-F. Mahfouf PDF file

Effects of low clouds and low-level water vapor in short-time variations of tropical convection
A. Numaguti and H. Kubota PDF file

Global three-dimensional simulation and radiative forcing of various aerosol species
T. Takemura, H. Okamoto, A. Numaguti, A. Higurashi and T. Nakajima PDF file

Passive Remote Sensing - Ground Base and Airborne

Measurement of microphysical and radiative properties of stratiform clouds in the Japanese Cloud-Climate Study (JACCS) program
S. Asano and JACCS/MRI Observation Team PDF file

Airborne measurement of the cloud radiationbudget for stratocumulus in the Japanese Cloud-Climate Study (JACCS)
A. Uchiyama and JACCS/MRI Airborne Observation Team PDF file

Observation of polar clouds and aerosols for radiation budget and climate study
T. Yamanouchi PDF file

Passive Remote Sensing - Satellite

Evaluation of satellite remote sensing of cloud
T. Hayasaka, H. Iwabuchi and N. Kikuchi PDF file

Cirrus cloud remote sensing from split window and 6.7 um
T. Inoue and Y. Mano PDF file

Spectral aerosol optical thickness retrieval using polarization measurements from space
K. Masuda, M. Sasaki, H. Ishimoto and T. Takashima PDF file

An estimation of the radiative forcing of indirect effects of anthropogenic aerosols from satellite remote sensing and climate modeling
T. Nakajima, A. Higurashi, K. Kawamoto, J. E. Penner, T. Takemura and K. Suzuki PDF file

Active Remote Sensing - Radar

Cloud parameter retrieveal from combined remote sensing observations
J. Testud, C. Tinel, A. Guyot and K. Caillault PDF file

Retrievals of cloud content and particle characteristic size using NOAA ETL cloud radars
S. Y. Matrosov, A. S. Frisch, R. A. Kropfli and T. Uttal PDF file

Millimeter wave radar scattering from cloud ice drystal
K. Aydin and T. M. Walsh PDF file

Toward a suite of cloud property retrieval algorithms for CloudSat: philosophy and recent progress
G. G. Mace, Z. Wang, K. Sassen, R. Marchand, G. Stephens, T. Ackerman and S. Matrosov PDF file

A potential of cloud profiling radar for measurements of cloud and precipitation
T. Kobayashi, A. Adachi and K. Masuda PDF file

Preliminary results of the cloud observation with CRL airborne cloud profiling radar (SPIDAR)
H. Horie, H. Okamoto, T. Iguchi, S. Iwasaki, H. Kuroiwa and H. Kumagai PDF file

Preliminary field evaluation of a Ka-band Doppler radar for fog and cloud observations
K. Hamazu, T. Wakayama, H. Hashiguchi, T. Matsuda and S. Fukao PDF file

The NIED dual-frequency cloud radar system under development
K. Iwanami, M. Maki, R. Misumi, S. Watanabe and K. Hata PDF file

Active Remote Sensing - Lidar

Remote sensing of aerosol by lidar at AIOFM, China
H. Hu, Y. Wu, T. Li, S. Hu and J. Zhou PDF file

Airborne backscatter lidar: LITE validation and co-located ground-based radar measurements during CLARE'98
H. Flentje, W. Ranger, M. Wirth, G. Ehret, M. Quante, O. Danne and P. Francis PDF file

Arctic cloud and aerosol observations using a Micro-pulse Lidar in Svalbard
M. Shiobara PDF file

Statistical analysis of cloud distribution observed with a ground-based lidar
M. Takagiwa, K. Shimizu, I. Matsui and N. Sugimoto PDF file

Bidirectional radiative characteristics of finite clouds and Asian dust (Kosa)
K. Gotoh, T. Sakai, T. Shibata and Y. Iwasaka PDF file

Model calculations of the multiple scattering for the depolarization ratios by polarization lidar measurements
H. Ishimoto, K. Masuda and T. Kobayashi PDF file

Simulation study of cloud and aerosol measurements with ELISE
Z. Liu, P. Voelger and N. Sugimoto PDF file

Influence of multiple scattering on measurements with ELISE
P. Voelger, Z. Liu and N. Sugimoto PDF file

Synergy Use

Detection of ice clouds by radar and lidar and comparison with operational NWP models
A. J. Illingworth and R. Hogan PDF file

Sensor synergy algorithms: development and validation
A. van Lammeren, D. Donovan and H. Bloemink PDF file

Algorithm studies for radar and lidar systems
H. Okamoto, S. Iwasaki and H. Horie PDF file

Satellite Missions

The PICASSO-CENA mission
D. M. Winker PDF file

The Earth Radiation Mission: the role of clouds and aerosols
J. P. V. Baptista, A. Culoma, P. Ingmann, W. Leibrandt, C.-C. Lin and R. Meynart PDF file

CPR design and development status for the ESA Earth Radiation Explorer Mission
C. C. Lin, W. Leibrandt, U. Mallow and R. Bordi PDF file

The CloudSat mission
D. Vane and G. Stephens PDF file

ELISE (Experimental Lidar In Space Equipment): First Japanese spaceborne lidar project
K. Asai, Y. Sasano, N. Sugimoto, H. Kobayashi, Y. Kawamura, M. Ishizu and T. Imai PDF file

Conceptual design of CPR proposed to MDS-3 mission
H. Kuroiwa, H. Kumagai, H. Horie and H. Okamoto PDF file

From TRMM experience
T. Iguchi PDF file